It’s a shame to say that some travellers end up booking their hotel online and then regretting their hotel choice when they arrive.

But, why?

Usually, it all comes down to one thing – research.

We have put together some useful tips which will help you find the best hotel in Las Vegas AND avoid being disappointed when you arrive at your destination.

If you would like to share some more tips or chat about your own experience, feel free to leave a message in the comments below. We would love to read them and include them on this site.

#1. Location, Location, Location

When visiting Las Vegas, the location of your hotel is key!

If you’re coming to the area primarily for the casino or nightlife, booking a hotel on or near the strip is favourable.

Alternatively, if you’re coming to explore the beauty of the surrounding area, a quieter hotel on the outskirts will be more suited to your requirements.

It is always best to book a hotel that is located in geographic proximity that is close to your target destinations.

#2. Room View & Accessibility

There’s nothing worse than walking into a beautiful hotel room with an awful view.

It’s always best to check with the hotel what view your room has before arrival and asking for a better room if that is possible.

If you’re booking through, they tend to have this information available for you before booking.

Also, it’s good to check the accessibility of your room and whether your room has a balcony or terrace access.

Room upgrades are typically available at all Las Vegas hotels so you can be sure to book a room with the view and the accessibility of your choice!

#3. Hotel Amenities

Hotel amenities, such as a gym, room service or free Wi-Fi, may be of importance to you.

A popular amenity which people often look for when booking a hotel in Las Vegas is whether your hotel stay includes breakfast.

To avoid disappointment, it is important to try and find a hotel that offers as many of your desired amenities as possible.

If you’re coming to Las Vegas to relax and enjoy a break away from normality, you may want a hotel that takes away the stress of everyday life.

Top Tip: Write a list of what you want your hotel to include and narrow down your hotel choices by the amenities on offer.

#4. Check in Time

To avoid disappointment on arrival, it’s always best to check the hotel’s policy with regards to its check-in time.

Some people fail to check when they will be able to access their rooms and arrive at the hotel to find that their room isn’t ready.

If you’re due to arrive early, remember you can always ask for an early check-in time but bear in mind that there may be an additional cost for this.

#5. Price Check

Price is one of the most important factors when booking a hotel room. You want to get value for your money!

When booking a hotel in Las Vegas, it’s important to use search tools that cross-check prices from across multiple booking agencies and platforms. Our website pulls prices from all the major booking portals which are why we can guarantee the best prices for your Las Vegas accommodation. 

Also, it’s important to check if you’re a member of a loyalty program of a hotel. Some major credit cards and programs offer discounts at various hotels. People often forget about these discounts. In some cases, this can give you 10% or more off your hotel stay. Also, if you are staying for multiple nights, there are often additional discounts and bonuses available for you to cut the price of your stay even more.