You’ve just checked into your new hotel and you’re super excited about your stay!

After stepping out of the lift and roaming the long corridors to find your room, you open your door and then … STOP!

Here are 5 things you need to check before you start unpacking your suitcases and enjoying your hotel room …..

#1. Find the Nearest Escape Route

Spend a few minutes to look at the map on the back of the hotel room door. 

These maps aren’t just a legal requirement. 

They can help save your life in the case of an emergency. 

Start to familiarize yourself with where the closest stairwells and exits are.

#2. Check beds, bedding and towels

Check all the bedding which is on the bed and any spare bedding which is also provided. Make sure that everything is clean, in good condition and stain free. 

Remove the pillows and duvet from their coverings and the protector on the mattress to check the overall condition of what you will be sleeping in and on.

Additionally, shake out all the towels and visually check those for stains and discolouration. 

Remember that even 5* hotels can have bed bugs! 

Here is a useful link to check if you’re bed has bed bugs [insert link] 

Some hotels will allow you to request a different firmness of pillows or duvet warmth level.

It is worth checking the suitability of what you have on arrival in your room which then gives you time to request alternative items.

Las Vegas Hotel

#3. Check your Door!

An important thing to check in your new hotel room is whether your door locks (and opens!) properly! 

Most hotel rooms have multiple locks on their room doors. Ensure that all the locks are working correctly.

Also, if you’re room has an adjoining door to another room, ensure that this door is locked from your side!

That way you will avoid having any unwelcome visitors wandering into your room at night!

The way your door opens is also just as important.

A restriction in opening your door may hinder your escape route in an emergency. 

Another top tip is to check your windows lock and open correctly. Also, check your balcony door (if you have one)! 

#4. Check the bin, in corners and the tops of skirting boards!

Checking the bin is a good indication of whether your room has been cleaned properly and to a good standard.

If there is a bag in your bin, take it out and check the bin itself. Is it empty? Is it clean? 

Checking the corners of the room will allow you to see if the room has been properly vacuumed.

Checking the tops of the skirting boards will allow you to see if the room has been dusted as will a visual check behind any large pieces of furniture.

A build-up of dust anywhere in the room implies a lack of time and care during the room preparation process.

If you are not happy, then contact the hotel reception and ask for your room to be cleaned again or even ask to be moved.

#5. Check the Toilet, Sink and Shower

Is the toilet, sink, shower (and bath) clean and free of debris, stains and hair.

Make sure you have hot and cold water, that the water pressure is adequate and the water drains away correctly. 

Hotel Bathroom

#6. How does it smell?

A quick sniff of the air as you walk around the room will give you a good indication that everything is as it should be.

There should be no stale smells or odours.

These could be due to damp, blocked drains, an unclean room or smelly soft furnishings.

#7. Facilities

All hotel rooms generally offer extras. These may just be a complimentary tray for making hot drinks, an iron, a safe or bathroom toiletries.

At the time of booking your room, you would be made aware of what these will be.

Make sure that you have a quick check to ensure you have everything that you were expecting.

If not, then the hotel reception should be made aware of the shortcomings so they can rectify the situation.